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29 Jan 2004
IOC News , Press Release

IOC opens tender process for sale of European Olympic broadcast rights

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today, 29 January 2004, announced that it would open a tendering process in early March for the sale of European Olympic broadcast rights for the future Olympic Games for 2010 and beyond.

High level interest
This decision, taken by the TV and Internet Rights Commission, chaired by IOC President Jacques Rogge, which met in Lausanne yesterday, comes on the back of last year’s successful US Olympic broadcast negotiations for 2010 and 2012, which were awarded to General Electric and NBC for a total package worth US$ 2.201 billion, and the subsequent high level of interest noted by the IOC in future Olympic rights in the European broadcast market.

All options
In its tender process for Europe, the IOC will consider all options - that is, pan-European, multi-territory or country-by-country - and will follow the same open and transparent procedures successfully implemented for the US market. The bids will be examined on 23 April in Lausanne by a working group chaired by the IOC President, who has asked Thomas Bach, IOC first Vice-President, to conduct and coordinate the negotiations.

Open for discussion
Commenting on the decision, Rogge said, "Given the momentum achieved last year with the negotiations in the US, and the ensuing high level of interest that was generated, particularly in Europe, the IOC has decided to approach the market and open a tender process in this region. We are looking forward to receiving proposals and are open for discussions with all parties across the continent.”
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