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12 Feb 2006
IOC News

IOC media awards for 100 years of Olympic coverage

Two sports newspapers from Italy and Spain, La Gazzetta dello Sport and El Mundo Deportivo, received yesterday in the Olympic Club in Turin a presentation plate from IOC Honorary Presdient for Life Juan Antonio Samaranch in recognition of 100 years of Olympic coverage. The ceremony was attended by the directors of the two newspapers, the IOC Press Commission, chaired by IOC member Kevan Gosper, as well as members of the Italian and Spanish National Olympic Committees.
Founded three days before the opening of the Athens 1896 Games
"La Gazzetta dello Sport" was founded on 3 April 1896 - three days before the official opening of the first modern Olympic Games in Athens. The event linking this newspaper with the Games dates back to 1932 when it was acquired by Alberto Bonacossa, a champion in many sports. He took part in the Games held in Antwerp and was a member of the Italian Olympic Committee for 30 years. He was a legendary figure and an important ambassador for world sport.  With the arrival of Bonacossa the link between the "Gazzetta" and the Olympic Games became solid. In 1976, Gino Palumbo became editor, followed by Candido Cannavò.
100th birthday
 Mundo Deportivo is Spain's oldest and Europe's second oldest sports daily. Founded in 1906 it is about to celebrate it's 100th birthday and therefore did not want to miss the first big event in 2006, the Turin Olympic Winter Games. 2006 will be Mundo Deportivo's centennial year. Director Editor Santi Nolla Zayas will also be attending other key tournaments (FIFA World Cup, etc.) wishing to stress the pioneering work accomplished by this historical publication over the decades.

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