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23 Nov 2005
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IOC issues anti-doping rules for Torino 2006

The IOC has issued the IOC Anti-Doping Rules which will be applicable in relation to the Games of the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin. This important document has been sent to the National Olympic Committees, the International  Winter Sport Federations and the Anti-Doping Agencies.

All athletes subject to Doping Controls
During the Period of the Olympic Games, all doping controls initiated by the IOC shall include testing for all substances present on the 2006 List of Prohibited Substances issued by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and will be conducted at any time or place with no advance warning required to be given to the Athletes.

From end of January to 26 February
The Period of the Olympic Games is defined as “the period commencing on the date of the opening of the Olympic village for the Olympic Winter Games”, at the end of January, up until and including the day of the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, namely, 26 February 2006.

1,200 tests during the Games
As part of the IOC's zero tolerance approach to doping, the number of tests will increase by 72% in Turin, compared to Salt Lake City.
Controls in and outside Italy
The IOC intends to authorise WADA to carry out Doping Controls, on behalf of the IOC, during the Period of the Olympic Winter Games, outside of Italy and at non- Olympic venues inside of Italy and authorizes all Anti-Doping Organisations to carry out Doping Controls on the athletes within their authority during the period of the Games, prior to the athlete having validated his accreditation and/or subsequent to the athlete having finished his final competition.

Anti-Doping Rules - Turin 2006

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