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IOC honoured for promoting values in sport

31 Jan 2019
Olympic News, IOC News
The International Olympic Committee has received the 7th Riudor Prize for promoting values in sport, and in particular for the joint participation of the two Koreas at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018. 

The Riudor Prize is promoted by the Football School of Sant Fruitós de Bages, located in the centre of Catalonia (Spain). The Prize honours athletes and organisations that play a leading role in ensuring the values of sport, beyond the competition itself and its results.

Speaking at the ceremony, David Vila Mora, President of the School, said: “Sport stirs our emotions and our feelings, and therefore has an enormous impact on our attitudes and conduct. This is why we must be mindful of the hours of negotiations and back-and-forth discussions that take place behind the scenes, having witnessed the milestone achievement whereby two countries as politically, economically and socially removed from one another as the two Koreas were brought together under the same flag at the most recent Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang; or when armed conflicts cease for the duration of the Games with the Olympic Truce; or when a stand is made for female athletes whose individual freedoms are curtailed by their own countries and governments; or when enabling them to march under the Olympic flag shines a spotlight on the issue of athletes who have become refugees as a result of armed conflict.” He concluded: “It is clear that the IOC is fully deserving of this award and many others, which serve to recognise its past accomplishments and its permanent undertaking to make sport something far more than a mere competition.”

For the full speech please click here.

Accepting the Prize on behalf of the IOC, Deputy Director General Pere Miró praised the work done by the School which, like the IOC, sees sport as "a tool for learning and disseminating values".

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