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Guide to sport IOC
23 Jan 2007
IOC News , Sport and Environment

IOC Guide to Sport, Environment and Sustainable Development

In 1999 the Olympic Movement adopted an Agenda 21 for the sports community, highlighting special issues and challenges that sportsmen and sportswomen can address to ensure the sustainable development of sport. To help the different members of the Olympic family transform the Agenda 21 recommendations into concrete actions and programmes the “IOC Guide to Sport, Environment and Sustainable Development” was created. 
The Guide offers methodological and practical tools to the sport community, based on the major principles of sustainable development. It provides an easy way to move from theory and concepts to practical initiatives and behavioral changes; an easy way to understand the global challenges and needs for environmental protection while considering local specificities coming from diverse geographical, socio-economic, cultural and sports contexts.
The guide is structured around five chapters. The first recalls the most important current knowledge on environment and sustainable development. A second chapter describes the environmental and sustainable issues of special interest to the world of sport. The third concerns the application of these precepts in the organization of sport. The fourth chapter describes these same issues in relation to each individual Olympic sport, and the final short chapter proposes motivations to be taken.
The Guide particularly takes into account the different levels of involvement of the individuals or groups concerned (athletes, participants in grassroots sport, coaches, clubs, federations, organizers of sports events, spectators, equipment manufacturers, constructors and managers of sports facilities and media). In addition, the different types of sport (summer or winter, indoor or out door, individual or team, aquatic or terrestrial, etc).
The Guide:
 Acknowledgements, Forward, Introduction - 2553 Kb

 Chapter 1 - 8409 Kb

Protection of the environment and sustainable development
 Chapters 2 and 3 - 4912 Kb
General conditions for sport that respects the environment
The environment and sustainable development in the organization of sport
 Chapter 4, section 4.1 - 388 Kb

Environmental and sustainable development conditions specific to the various Olympic disciplines
4.1 Sport and environmental conditions

 Chapter 4, section 4.2 - 2592 Kb

4.2 Summer land-based sports in the natural environment
 Chapter 4, section 4.3 - 2655 Kb

4.3 Water sports in the natural environment
 Chapter 4, section 4.4 - 2496 Kb

4.4 Swimming sports
 Chapter 4, section 4.5 - 6117 Kb

4.5 Land-based sports in open-air stadiums

 Chapter 4, section 4.6 - 8003 Kb

4.6 Indoor land-based sports
 Chapter 4, section 4.7 - 4751 Kb

4.7 Winter Sports
 Chapter 5 - 794 Kb

Think globally, act locally
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