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16 Feb 2001
IOC News , Press Release


Athens, 16 February 2001 - IOC Praises Progress, Notes Slippage of Completion Dates for Some Sports Venues -

The entities involved in organizing the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens need to work at a faster pace and better integrate their efforts to improve on the progress made to date, the IOC Coordination Commission said today in Athens. A subgroup of the Coordination Commission met in Athens, 15 and 16 February, for an interim review of progress since its last full meeting in November.

“When we came back in November, we said Athens was back on track. It is still on track, but it needs to gain more speed,” said Dr. Jacques Rogge, chairman of the Coordination Commission. “There is a continued need for more urgency and more integration.”

Generally the Coordination Commission is satisfied with the efforts conducted by ATHOC, the Athens Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games. It is evident that ATHOC is already using the IOC knowledge transfer program to enhance its work. Among the promising results over the last few months are: the improvement of the sports programs, the agreement forming the Olympic Broadcasting Organization, the hiring of technical advisors from Sydney, the announcement of record-breaking marketing agreements, the headway in technology, the revision of the Olympic Games Master Plan, and the launch of the volunteers program.

The Coordination Commission also recognizes the dedication and hard work being conducted on all levels of the Greek Government. Among the promising results are: the progress in the area of transportation infrastructure, the announcement concerning the progress of works for the Olympic Village, and the maintenance of work schedules for all the venues whose completion dates had been brought forward last November from May 2004 to January 2004. However, several venues had their completion dates slip from the first quarter of 2003 to the second or third quarter of 2003. These delays push the expected completion of the venues close to the dates of important test events.

“The Olympic Games will open in Athens in 2004. There is no doubt,” said Dr. Rogge. “There is still time to organize excellent Games, but there is no more time for delay.”

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