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26 Oct 2006
IOC Events , Beijing 2008

IOC finds balance with final Beijing competition schedule

Each edition of the Olympic Games brings challenges of how to reconcile the differing needs and requests of stakeholders – this is nothing new. After a thorough consultation process, the IOC Executive Board has approved a final version of the competition schedule which sees a spread of events throughout the day, with some finals in the morning, and some in the evening. There can never be a perfect “one-size-fits-all” solution which suits every stakeholder equally, but the IOC decision has endeavoured to find the best balance for the Olympic Movement as a whole. Key in this decision was ensuring that the physiology of the athletes was not affected, and therefore the needs of athletes were thoroughly discussed by the IOC Athletes’ Commission. The Commission confirmed that athletes are able and focused enough to compete morning or evening. What matters to them is (a) that enough time is given for their preparation and any adjustments to training regimes they may need to make - as is the case with this IOC decision which comes two years out from the Games; and (b) that the situation is the same for everyone - again the case in this example. Today’s decision is not without precedent – both at past Games and at past and future World Championships and multi-sports events finals have taken place in the morning.
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