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16 Aug 2013
IOC News , Athletes' space

IOC Executive Board welcomes athletes’ recommendations

The recommendations resulting from the 6th IOC International Athletes’ Forum, held in Singapore from 27 to 29 June 2013, were studied by the IOC Executive Board during its meeting in Moscow last week and will guide the work of the IOC Athletes’ Commission for the next two years.

Athletes’ representatives from the IOC, a number of International Federations (IFs), Continental Associations, WADA and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) had gathered at the biennial Forum and suggested concrete action in the three fields of functioning of athletes’ commissions, communications and Games-time experience. The recommendations come as a call to action from all Forum participants following a series of joint meetings, presentations and breakout sessions.

The recommendations include calls for more consistent cooperation between the different athletes’ commissions; more efficient use of social media to engage athletes; for the condition that an athlete be put forward as a candidate for the IOC Athletes’ Commission only if the IF and NOC have an athlete representative on their executive board with voting rights; for adjusting the opening and closing ceremonies to optimise the athletes’ experience; for an Olympic Village code of conduct to protect the privacy of and respect the athletes; and for tickets to be available for the athletes’ friends and family for their specific events.

Read the full set of recommendations here.

Jacques Rogge, himself a three-time Olympian in sailing, had participated in the Forum and said: “Olympians are influential role models, especially for young people. And as the leading voice for athletes within the Olympic Movement, the Athletes’ Commission and the Forum have an important influence. Thanks to these platforms, we have made significant progress on some important issues that directly affect athletes. It is all about how to serve them better as they are the heart and soul of our Movement.”

Claudia Bokel, Chair of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, said after the Executive Board meeting in Moscow last week: “As athletes are also represented at the level of the IOC Executive Board, there are no bureaucratic hurdles to proceed quickly from plan to action, with these recommendations unanimously approved by the athletes’ representatives who attended the Forum. With the green light of the Executive Board, our Commission will now work on each of the points and present the results at the next Forum in two years’ time.” 

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