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05 Apr 2011
IOC News

IOC Executive Board meeting kicks off in London

The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) today started its two-day meeting in London by exchanging views with the Olympic Summer and Winter International Federations.

Both the IOC and the International Federations expressed their satisfaction with the progress being made in the preparations for the future Olympic Games 2012 in London, 2014 in Sochi and 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. They also reiterated their common will to fight for the integrity of sport, especially when it comes to the new, increasing threat of irregular and illegal betting in sport. The IOC will monitor betting patterns on all sport events during the next Olympic Games in 2012 in London, as it already did in Beijing 2008 and last year in Vancouver, and coordinate the measures to be taken in this area with the International Federations, some of which also have rules in place.

The International Federations again expressed their support for the Youth Olympic Games, which were held for the first time in Singapore last August. Innsbruck is currently warming up for the first winter edition, which will be staged in the Tyrolean capital next January.

The IOC President also took the opportunity to report on the first meeting of  the IOC Entourage Commission, which was recently established based on the recommendation of the 2009 Olympic Congress. The Commission is tasked with addressing matters related to managing all aspects of an athlete‚Äôs career, including issues related to coaches, managers, parents and sponsors. It has set up a code of conduct for the entourage, which will be presented to and discussed by the IOC Executive Board tomorrow.

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