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05 Dec 2012
IOC News

IOC Executive Board meeting comes to close

The Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) wrapped up its final meeting of 2012 today after hearing reports from organisers of future Olympic Games and taking decisions on a number of important issues.

Representatives from Sochi 2014, PyeongChang 2018 and Youth Olympic Games organisers Nanjing 2014 and Lillehammer 2016 updated the EB on the progress being made in their cities, with no major issues to report. Members of Rio 2016 presented to the EB during the first day of meetings on Tuesday. 

The EB also received an update on the building of the IOC’s second Olympic Youth Development Centre, under the auspices of the Sport for Hope Programme. The centre will be built in Haiti, with construction set to begin imminently. As with the first centre in Zambia, the one in Haiti will serve elite athletes as well as the local community, and will feature sporting venues as well as educational and administrative facilities.  

Regarding the case of South Korean footballer Park Jong Woo, whose bronze medal was withheld by the IOC after an alleged political statement following his team’s match against Japan at the London 2012 Games, the EB decided to set up a Disciplinary Commission to look into the matter, based on the recent decision by FIFA to ban the player from international competition for two games. 

Decisions were also taken on the Olympic Games ticket sale model and doping offenses concerning medallists from the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Finally, it was announced that United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will be awarded the Olympic Order in gold.

The IOC EB will meet next from 12 to 13 February 2013 in Lausanne.

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