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12 Dec 2007
IOC News , Host City Election

IOC Executive Board Makes Games Bid Decisions

The International Olympic Committee’s Executive Board today made two important decisions concerning the bidding process for future Olympic Games. The Executive Board held a drawing of lots for the 2016 bid cities, this determines the order in which the cities will be listed, make presentations, etc. until the election of the Host City in October 2009, and they also approved the major deadlines that will be in place for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games bid process.
2016 Order
The order of the drawing of lots for the cities in the 2016 bid process, made by the IOC Executive Board today, was:
·         Chicago (USA)
·         Prague (Czech Republic)
·         Tokyo (Japan)
·         Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
·         Baku (Azerbaijan)
·         Doha (Qatar)
·         Madrid (Spain)
2018 Deadlines
The major deadlines that were approved today for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games bid process are:
First information to all NOCs
February 2009
Official opening of bid process – invitation to all NOCs to submit Applicant City
July-August 2009
Deadline for submitting Applicant Cities
Mid-October 2009
Applicant City Seminar
Early December 2009
Observer Programme – Vancouver 2010
12 – 28 February 2010
Submission of Application File
Mid-March 2010
EB – Candidate City selection
Mid-July 2010
Vancouver 2010 official debrief
Candidate City briefings
Mid-September 2010
Submission of Candidature File & guarantees
Mid-January 2011
Evaluation Commission visits
February – March 2011
Evaluation Commission report (1 month before election)
June 2011
IOC Session in 2011 (election)
July 2011
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