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18 Feb 2002
IOC News , Press Release

IOC Executive Board Discusses Breach of Chain of Custody in Doping Testing Procedure

The IOC Executive Board discussed on February 17, 2002, an isolated case of breach of chain of custody in relation with a doping testing procedure concerning an athlete selected at random. The athlete was not qualified for finals. The breach occurred during the testing procedure : a bag containing athletes' samples was not properly sealed, in contradiction with applicable rules. According to Article 5 of Chapter VI of the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code, breaches of chain of custody cannot be characterized as minor irregularities having no effect on the results of tests. In view of these circumstances, the IOC Executive Board decided to direct the IOC Medical Commission to take all necessary steps to ensure proper testing including reliable chain of custody of samples. The Executive Board also instructed SLOC to take all appropriate measures to avoid any repetition of such an incident. Another doping test (out of competition) has been ordered today on the athlete.
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