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31 Jan 2002
IOC Events , Press Release

IOC Executive Board and 113th Session in Salt Lake City - media information

The Executive Board and 113th Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will meet in Salt Lake City from 1 to 6 February 2002 prior to the XIX Olympic Winter Games (8-24 February). This advisory includes details about the requirements for the media to cover these events, access to the various locations in which meetings will be taking place and the services available to them. A programme of the meetings is also included (PDF format).

IOC Meetings

Meetings Dates Locations
IOC Executive Board 1 to 3 February 2002 Little America Hotel500 South Main StreetSalt Lake City
113th IOC Session 4 to 6 February 200223 February 2002 Grand America Hotel555 South Main StreetSalt Lake CityLittle America Hotel
IOC Media Briefings and News Conference (all subject to change)All media briefings and news conferences will take place at the Main Media Centre (MMC), the official Olympic venue for all accredited media.
Dates Times
1 to 3 February  
IOC Media briefings 1.30 6.30 p.m.
4 to 6 February  
IOC Media briefings 1.30 6.30 p.m.
7 February  
News conference of the IOC President 4.00 p.m.

Details concerning other news conferences will be announced at a later date.


Games-accredited media

Games-accredited media will be asked to show their accreditation card at all times to access the IOC hotels and the MMC.

Non-Games-accredited media

Non-Games-accredited media who have applied for special accreditation are requested to pick up their cards in person at the Little America Hotel starting 1 February. Please go to the IOC Welcome Desk near the elevator bank, and ask for the Department of Communications.

Accreditation cards will be provided only upon presentation of a passport plus a valid press card or another document issued by the press body to which the journalist belongs, confirming his function and mission and the authority of the person(s) signing such document. Any person not able to provide the required documentation will not receive the accreditation card.

These accreditation cards will be valid from 1 to 7 February and will only give access to the lobby of the hotels where the IOC meetings will be taking place and to the MMC’s conference room where the IOC briefings and news conference will be held.

Media facilities

The media will be able to view the proceedings of the Session via closed TV circuit in the lobby of the Little America Hotel, in the Grand America and at the MMC. As the MMC is within walking distance, no working facilities will be set up in the IOC hotels.

Media access

Executive Board and Session rooms:

Only a limited group of photographers and cameramen, whose composition the IOC will decide beforehand, will be permitted to enter the meeting rooms each morning from 1 to 6 February at 8:50, before the start of meetings.

Abravanel Hall – Opening Ceremony of the 113th Session – 3 February, 7 p.m.

A limited number of invitations will be distributed to the media on the day. A pool of photographers and cameramen will also be organised. Media representatives wishing to attend this event are invited to register at the office of the IOC Communications Department at the Little America Hotel. The IOC will then make a selection.


Because of the MMC’s proximity, media representatives are encouraged to either use the tramway or walk between the meeting hotels and the MMC.


An initial programme of meetings, press briefings and press conferences can be found below.


For any other inform
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