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16 May 2000
IOC News , Press Release


Lausanne, 16 May 2000 - By letter dated 26 September 1999, the IOC President asked the Ethics Commission to look into any irregularities that could have taken place during the bid by the City of Atlanta for the hosting of the Games of the 26th Olympiad in 1996.

Mr Griffin B. Bell, from the King Spalding law firm, in his letter dated 16 September 1999 addressed to the Commerce Committee of the United States Congress, has described events that would have taken place during the bid by Atlanta for the 1996 Olympic Games. He has attached to said letter charts cataloguing expenditures that would have been made by the Bid Committee in relation to the visits to Atlanta of those IOC members who visited the City. Some of these expenditures would not have been in conformity with the IOC instructions regarding the limitation of expenditure by bidding cities and operating at that time.

The Commission, at its meeting held on 27 September 1999, decided to proceed with a further study. The Commission eliminated allegations concerning persons who are no more members of the IOC, be it by resignation or expulsion.


In relation to certain of those IOC Members, whose cases remained for consideration, the Ethics Commission, having asked for and obtained information from them, is of the opinion that the facts alleged against them, except for one case, are so trivial that they do not warrant that the Commission continue its investigations.

The Commission following a comprehensive examination of facts and all gathered elements, proposes to the IOC Executive Board not to pursue further the study of this file, except for one case.

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