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04 Dec 2006
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IOC Disciplinary Commission meets on the case of Walter Mayer

The IOC Disciplinary Commission working on the case of Walter Mayer (and others) met in Kuwait on Thursday 30 November. Commission Chairman Dr Thomas Bach, and members Denis Oswald and Sergey Bubka convened to discuss the status of the file and the next steps to be taken. 
To date, only a preliminary report has been received from the Italian authorities, the contents of which the IOC has been asked to keep confidential.  The Disciplinary Commission is eagerly awaiting the final report in order to make a full analysis of the issue, draw conclusions and take action. The IOC will therefore make a request to the Italian authorities that the process be fast-tracked in order that the issue may be resolved before the major competitions of the winter sport season commence. 
Furthermore, the IOC will seek an official status in the procedures as soon as Italian law allows.  This would enable the IOC to have full and fast access to the files of the case for its own disciplinary work.
An integrated effort between Sport and State.
In this context, the IOC Executive Board has underpinned its zero tolerance policy in the fight against doping by taking the following positions:
· Underlining that the fight is best fought through an integrated effort between national governments and the world of sport
- That the IOC works from the principle that the split of responsibility falls as follows: the sports authorities test and sanction the athletes – something they are able and best placed to do with immediate and international effect. The national governments conduct inquiries and sanction the people behind the athletes.
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