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18 Aug 2004
IOC News

IOC decision regarding the cases of Konstantinos Kenteris and Ekatarina Thanou

The Disciplinary Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which was set up on 12 August to investigate the nature and circumstances of alleged anti-doping rule violations by Konstantinos Kenteris and Ekaterini Thanou, met this morning in the Hilton Hotel in Athens.
The Commission heard both athletes and their coach Christos Tzekos and noted their decision to withdraw and surrender their Olympic accreditation cards. This decision means that all three will not take part in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and that the IOC is no longer the authority responsible for issuing potential sanctions related to the Athens Olympic Games. The IOC Disciplinary Commission immediately presented its report and recommendations to the IOC Executive Board which took the following decisions:

1. to take note of the withdrawal and surrender of the Olympic identity and accreditation cards of the athletes Mr Konstantinos Kenteris and Ms Ekaterini Thanou, as well as that of their coach Mr Christos Tzekos;

2. to refer the cases of Mr Konstantinos Kenteris and Ms Ekaterini Thanou to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) for further action including possible sanctions against both athletes;

3. to request that the IAAF takes action, including possible sanctions, against Mr Christos Tzekos and all other persons and organisations governed by the rules of the IAAF and who may have contributed to the above-mentioned alleged anti-doping rule violations;

4. to request the IOC Disciplinary Commission to submit to the IOC Executive Board a report on the wider circumstances, in particular all acts or omissions by any officials or other persons accredited at the Athens Olympic Games, in relation to the information management and chain of command concerning the communication of the Doping Control Notification to Mr Konstantinos Kenteris and Ms Ekaterini Thanou on 12 August 2004; and

5. that any participation of Mr Konstantinos Kenteris and Ms Ekaterini Thanou as well as Mr Christos Tzekos at any further edition of the Olympic Games shall be subject to a new procedure in front of the IOC.
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