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18 Jun 2003
IOC News

IOC Consensus Conference on Nutrition in Sport reaches conclusion

After two and half days of intensive discussions involving 30 of the world's best experts in nutrition, the IOC Consensus Conference on Nutrition in Sport today reached a conclusion with a statement on how nutrition can be best used for sports training, competition and recovery.

"What we have done is to review the scientific evidence, the next stage is to try to translate that into something that is helpful to the athletes" said Ron Maughan, member of the IOC Nutrition Working Group.

By the end of the year, all of the scientific information will be published in scientific literature that will underpin the practice of sports nutrition for the athletes. He added "The challenge to us is now to produce something from that underpinning which will help the athletes and we hope to do that in perhaps not more than six to eight weeks".

Frankie Fredericks (Namibia - four times silver medallist at the 1992 Barcelona and 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games) also participated in the conference as athletes' representative. "The important thing that came out from the conference is that athletes need to be very careful of the kind of nutrition supplements they take". I am hoping that the scientists can give us more information about which supplements can or cannot be used, that the document that comes out from the conference can be as self explanatory as possible to help athletes on how to best use nutrition, especially African athletes who don't have access to nutritionists".

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