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20 May 2008
Women in Sport , Olympism in action

IOC Conference defines road to parity

4th IOC World Conference on Women and Sport

The 4th IOC World Conference on Women and Sport in Jordan concluded in March 2008 with a strong action plan. More than 600 participants from 116 different countries unanimously agreed on and committed themselves to five specific focus areas:
• Seize upcoming opportunities to promote gender equality
• Governance
• Empowerment through education and development
• Women, sport and the media
• Women, sport and the Millennium Development Goals


Parity to become the norm

Upcoming elections of National Olympic Committees (NOCs), the Olympic Congress in 2009 and the Youth Olympic Games were defined as key opportunities to advance the cause of girls and women in and through sport.


The overall goal is for girls' and women's participation in decision-making bodies, events and topical discussions to become the norm. For instance, the conference participants requested the IOC Women and Sport Commission make it mandatory for all NOCs to have women on their executive bodies.


Key performance indicators to monitor progress

Within the field of governance, it was emphasised that key performance indicators should be set by the IOC in order to provide guidance to the Olympic Movement and monitor progress against the set targets.


The predominantly female conference participants also noted the need for men in decision-making positions to participate in women and sport forums. Delegations attending policy-making forums should be gender-based.

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