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19 Feb 2002
IOC News , Press Release

IOC Celebrates Launch of Olympic Games Knowledge Services

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (19 February 2002)

- The International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially launched an innovative initiative designed to help cities properly bid for and organize the Olympic Games at a ceremony tonight in Salt Lake City. The initiative, Olympic Games Knowledge Services (OGKS), formalizes previous efforts by the IOC to lower the cost of bidding for and organizing the Olympic Games and to better prepare candidates and organizers.

"The IOC has always provided significant financial support to Olympic Games organizers. Now, the IOC also wants to bring greater efficiencies to bear in the organization of the Games," said Dr. Jacques Rogge, the IOC president. "OGKS was designed to help us do just that. OGKS will also help level the playing field so candidates and organizers from different parts of the world can all start with the same knowledge base.

Staging an Olympic Games involves years of highly effective planning and management. OGKS will be a close partner and ally of those cities interested in accepting the challenge of hosting the Olympic Games."

OGKS earlier this week delivered its first results by playing an integral part in the briefing of cities and NOCs interested in bidding for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. OGKS, along with the IOC administration, engaged Games experts to make presentations to the cities on various themes critical to developing a proper bid and distributed a 152-page information book, with accompanying CD-ROM, that will serve as the base document for the 2010 applicant process. The CD-ROM, includes video clips and pictures to help explain the various aspects of staging the Games.

OGKS will continue to work closely and co-operatively with the IOC during the 2010 applicant process and will help support the IOC's coordination of future Olympic Games. In doing so, OGKS will identify and accredit Games experts and engage them to pass on tacit knowledge developed through previous Games experience.

OGKS grew out of the IOC's Transfer of Olympic Knowledge Program (TOK) which captured know-how of the Sydney Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and related entities.

Mr. R. Kevan Gosper, IOC vice-president from Australia and chairman of the OGKS Board, said, "Before TOK we had ignored one of our greatest assets, the knowledge of how to stage a successful Olympics. OGKS is a natural progression from TOK and a welcome and important initiative."

OGKS, a partnership company of Monash University (Monash Ed) and the IOC, will deliver a range of education, management, and consulting services to Olympic Games organizing committees and candidate cities, ensuring the knowledge derived from one Games is successfully transferred to other aspirants and organizers. It is also available to provide guidance to organizers of other large events. OGKS is based in Switzerland, and run by Craig McLatchey, CEO of OGKS and the former Secretary-General of the Australian Olympic Committee. McLatchey was a key player in the success of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, hailed as the "greatest games ever."

"OGKS will provide event hosts key information and systems to help them stage these major complex events. Through this service we will increase host organizations' efficiency by transferring know-how from one event to another to avoid re-inventing the wheel. At the moment, each organization starts with little information and spends significant time and money understanding the most basic of requirements to host events," McLatchey said.

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