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03 Aug 2016
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IOC approves recommendations for new YOG strategic goals

During the second day of the 129th IOC Session held in Rio de Janeiro ahead of the Olympic Games, recommendations made by the YOG Tripartite Working Group were presented and then validated unanimously by the IOC Session. These recommendations will be the next step in the development of the Youth Olympic Games, which started in 2010 in Singapore.

As part of Olympic Agenda 2020, the Tripartite Working Group was created last March to review the positioning of the Youth Olympic Games, and had a wide-ranging debate about potential improvements and adjustments of its overall format. This Working Group was led by U─čur Erdener, an IOC Executive Board Member, and made of up of high-ranking experts from the IOC, YOG organising committees, International Federations and National Olympic Committees, including athletes’ representatives and TOP sponsors.

The Working Group recommendations presented to the Session put forward five strategic goals:

  • Increase participation and level of competition

Place a stronger focus on high-level competition, whilst retaining the important elements of learning and sharing, to help keep more young people in competitive sport.

  • Bring the YOG to cities that cannot organise the Olympic Games

Make the YOG more accessible and affordable for small- and medium-sized cities by replacing the current candidature process with a competitive dialogue approach.

  • Expand the reach and impact of the YOG

With the active participation of IFs, NOCs and other Olympic Movement stakeholders, create a network of similar events with common objectives to let many more young people experience the YOG effect first-hand in other settings.

  • Leverage digital platforms to extend the YOG experience

Use digital technology and the Olympic Channel to expand the Compete, Learn & Share experience beyond the global YOG or organised events in the YOG network.

  • Enhance the YOG’s role as incubator for innovation

Encourage innovation by using the YOG as a platform to test and validate new sport formats and other youth-focused initiatives, to transform innovative concepts into practical, shareable and ongoing programmes.

These recommendations were unanimously accepted by the Session. The implementation of the recommendations will be achieved in consultation with all relevant stakeholders by Q4 2017.
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