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30 Jul 2004
IOC News

IOC Anti-Doping Rules applicable as per today

With the opening of the Olympic Village today, the IOC Anti-Doping Rules have now come into effect. They will be in force until the end of the Olympic Games, i.e. 29 August 2004.


Testing for all prohibited substances

During the period of the Olympic Games, all doping control tests initiated by the IOC shall include testing for all prohibited substances and methods referred to in the Prohibited List. All athletes shall be subject, during the period of the Olympic Games, to doping control tests initiated by the IOC at any time or place with no advance warning required.

Controls in and outside Greece

The IOC authorises the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to carry out the doping control tests, on behalf of the IOC, during the period of the Olympic Games, outside Greece and at non-Olympic venues inside Greece, and authorises all anti-doping organisations to carry out doping controls on the athletes within their authority during the period of the Olympic Games, prior to the athlete having validated his accreditation for the Olympic Games and/or subsequent to the athlete having finished his final competition at the Olympic Games.


100 persons work in shifts around the clockFor Athens 2004, the laboratory occupies all of a brand-new three-storey building in the OAKA perimeter. It is accredited by WADA. During the Games, more than 100 people will be working there in around-the clock shifts.


25% increase compared to Sydney
About 2,600 urine tests will be conducted, and about 400 EPO tests are planned; which is an increase of roughly 25% compared to Sydney.

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