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IOC announces winner of I copy u contest

11 Jul 2012
London 2012, Olympic News
Lucy Manley of Bristol, Great Britain, won a ticket to the London 2012 Olympic Summer Games after a panel of judges selected her submission to the International Olympic Committee’s ICOPYU contest as the winning entry.

“'When I found out I won, at first I laughed – it was a combination of shock and utter excitement! Now I can count down the days until I get to be there, see and feel the atmosphere of athletes proving themselves, and crowds going crazy for records and medals. That has to be the best thing I have ever tweeted!” said Manley.

Hundreds of people worldwide entered the ICOPYU contest, which required entrants to photograph themselves mimicking the iconic poses of their favourite Olympic athletes and to share the photos via Twitter. Some of the other entries included:

Nadia Comaneci

Usain Bolt

Yuna Kim

Congratulations, Lucy, and a big thank you to everyone else who participated in the contest!

The London 2012 Olympic Summer Games will take place between 27 July and 12 August 2012. 10,500 athletes from 203 National  Olympic Committees were invited to participate in these Games.

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