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07 Oct 2003
IOC News , Press Release

IOC And Xerox Agree To End Relationship

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Xerox Corporation today announced that their worldwide sponsorship agreement would not be extended when it is due for renewal in December 2004.

Xerox has been a long-standing partner of the Olympic Movement since 1964 and joined the IOC’ worldwide Olympic sponsorship programme in 1994. As the exclusive Provider of Document Publishing Systems, Services and Supplies, Xerox has been an instrumental partner in the publication and distribution of Olympic results during the Olympic Games and provided products, services and equipment to assist organising committees for the Olympic Games.

“Xerox has been an excellent partner over the years and we are saddened to see the relationship end. We recognise, however, that in the world today, companies must adapt and alter their business and marketing strategies to accommodate changing market conditions,” said Gerhard Heiberg, Chairman of the IOC Marketing Commission. “The Olympic Movement is grateful for the support the Xerox Corporation has provided over the years and wishes them every success for the future.”

Xerox Chief Marketing Officer Diane McGarry commented: "During the Athens Games, Xerox technology will once again accelerate the flow of information, providing the world with instant access to real-time results. Our partnership with the Olympic Games has provided Xerox with a global platform to showcase our expertise.  While we certainly appreciate the value of this investment and will leverage it during the Athens Game, Xerox has decided to refocus its marketing to other customer-facing initiatives."

While Xerox will not renew its worldwide Olympic sponsorship agreement, the company has not yet decided whether it will continue sponsorship arrangements with some National Olympic Committees.

The TOP Programme currently includes 12 multi-national corporations with revenue in excess of USD600 million. Eight of those companies have already extended their sponsorship through 2008 with one extending through 2012.

For further information, please contact:
IOC: Emmanuelle Moreau, Communications Manager Institutional Affairs, tel: +41 21 621 6111
Xerox: Carl Langsenkamp, Public Relations Manager, tel: +1 585-423-5782

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