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25 Sep 1999
IOC News


Lausanne, 25 September 1999 -
The IOC 2000 Commission’s Executive Committee endorsed its working groups’ recommendations on how to update the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) structure and enhance its ability to lead and serve the Olympic Movement at its meeting today in Lausanne.

“The problems that surfaced in the past year have created opportunities to make important changes within the IOC. To date, the IOC has created an Ethics Commission, increased its transparency by publishing its financial accounts and opening the Session to the media, and initiated an important reform process,” said the IOC President. “Today, the IOC 2000 Executive Committee has placed a priority on key structural reforms that will help the IOC evolve into a more contemporary organization.”

The IOC 2000 Executive Committee reviewed and accepted with some changes the more than 100 preliminary recommendations. A full report containing all the recommendations in their current form will be prepared for approval of the IOC 2000 Commission plenary session.

Among the recommendations dealing with structural reforms endorsed today were those related to age limits and terms of office, the makeup of the membership and its nomination process, membership for current athletes, financial transparency, member visits to bid cities, and the entire host city selection process.

The Executive Committee also accepted the recommendation from the working groups to further study some items related to the IOC’s long-term mission, such as its role in culture and education, the enhancement of the Olympic Truce, and the strengthening of Olympic Solidarity programs.

The IOC 2000 Executive Committee is made up of 26 members, equally divided between IOC members and external personalities, and the IOC President. Today’s meeting was attended by 20 members, including among others Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Henry Kissinger, Michel Barnier, Peter Lougheed, Paul Allaire, Professor John MacAloon, and J. Olav Koss and Manuela DiCenta, two members of the IOC Athletes Commission elected at the most recent Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

The full plenary session of the IOC 2000 Commission will vote to approve the final wording of the recommendations at its meeting on October 30-31 in Lausanne. The debate of the Commission will be made available to the media via closed circuit television, and the final recommendations will be made public at that time. The IOC membership will meet December 11-12 to consider the final recommendations emanating from that IOC 2000 plenary session.

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