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04 Jul 2012

Introducing your London 2012 YOG Reporter, Iram Sarwar

Hi, YOG fans! I’m Iram and I’ll be your YOG Reporter this summer at the London 2012 Olympic Games. I’m currently 21, studying history at King’s College London, am the Deputy Editor of a youth magazine and I’m from one of the host boroughs, Newham! Stay tuned as I’ll be bringing you all the latest news from the Singapore 2010 YOG athletes competing at London 2012, so be prepared to be Olympic-ed out!

There’s something about the Olympics and the Youth Olympic Games that gets me really excited. Everything changes and it becomes a huge celebration of the sporting talent in the world. That is what I love about the Olympics. The fact that over 200 countries of varying sizes, cultures and beliefs are brought together to compete on the same playing field just adds to it. The only thing I do wish though is to be good at sport!

It’s amazing to have something so huge within walking distance of my house, and to see what the Olympics have done for the area is just incredible. People who were cynical about the Games have been converted and the party atmosphere is definitely here. I can’t wait for the Games - the Opening Ceremony is going to be epic, the Games are just going to be astounding, but, with over 30 YOG athletes competing in the Games, it’s going to be hard work too!

Armed with my trusty notepad and with YOG photographer Billy by my side, we are going to be rushing from venue to venue hunting down the best stories. Why is GB taekwondo star Jade Jones nicknamed the “headhunter”? Can South African swimmer Chad le Clos really beat Michael Phelps? And does Chinese diver Qiu Bo ever suffer from vertigo? Read all the YOG news here first!

This is going to be one Games to remember and I hope you can join us for the ride!

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