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13 Sep 2011
Innsbruck 2012 , YOG

Introducing the IOC Young Reporters coming to Innsbruck 2012

They were familiar faces at the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, enthusiastically learning the tricks of the trade from some of the best in the sports journalism field, and now 15 of the IOC Young Reporters will be putting their training into practice at the first Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck next year.

For many, Singapore acted as a giant springboard to furthering their already burgeoning careers in sports journalism. A number returned home to be promoted from trainees to full time journalists on their newspapers; others secured jobs with regional and even national broadcasters, while a select few also got the opportunity to speak at the 7th World Conference on Sport, Education and Culture in Durban and the 9th World Conference on Sport and the Environment in Doha.

Wherever their career paths have taken them, they have certainly all been busy spreading the YOG word! And, in Innsbruck they will be busy reporting on the latest news, highlights and events from the first Winter Youth Olympic Games!

So, on this today the four month countdown to Innsbruck 2012, here are your Young Reporters:

Alan Harris (Barbados): “This Caribbean lad will be dressing warm that’s for sure!”

Arnel Dalmedo (Uruguay): “My wishes keep coming true.”

Diacounda Sene (Senegal): “I’ll never thank enough the IOC and our mentors for giving me that opportunity which is the greatest in my life.”

Ben Fridman (Israel): “I am able to incorporate the tools I gained a year ago in Singapore.”

Ellina Mhlanga (Zimbabwe): “Singapore changed me as a person.”

Emily Ridlington (Canada): “I have made a traditional parka which I plan to wear in Innsbruck.”

Gernot Bachler (Austria): “I will be covering Innsbruck for my newspaper so will have my 3pm deadline every day as well.”

Iuliia Vynokurova (Ukraine): “I believe the Innsbruck experience will be as inspiring as Singapore was.”

Kimiya Shokoohi (Canada): “Safe to assume – I’m heading straight to the hockey events!”

Luke Dufficy (Australia): “It’s been a year since Singapore and what a year it’s been!”

Nick Olivier (United States): “Singapore was a life-changing experience.”

Raitis Purins (Latvia): “I’m looking forward to acquiring new knowledge in Innsbruck.”

Sonali Prasad (India): “I can’t wait to have another enjoyable journey in Innsbruck.”

Thiam Peng Tan (Singapore): “Here’s to another life-changing experience in Innsbruck.”

Ji Ye (China): “The first-ever Young Reporter programme has been instrumental for my career.”

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