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Introducing Athlete Role Model Andreas Küttel

19 Oct 2011
Innsbruck 2012, YOG

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s our next ARM, Swiss ski jumper Andreas Küttel - a three-time Olympian and one-time World Champion.

Speaking with a hat-trick of Olympic experiences, he said: “The Youth Olympic Games are an important platform for young talents to get a feel for already theis spirit of the Olympic dream,” said the Swiss ski jumper, “but also to face the tricky parts, for example, transportation, no sponsored clothing, and dealing with the media.”

One of the aspectsthing that makes the YOG different to from the Olympic Games, however, is the cCultural and Eeducational Pprogramme (CEP) – a programme through which Andreas will help guide the young athletes through in Innsbruck. “These two weeks should prepare thenm not only for the next big events, but also for how to deal to with combineing their sport with education and hobbies.”

It’s a balancing act Andreas knows only too well. “For me, the biggest challenge was to combine being a father and sportsman at the same time. I wanted to give 100 per cent for my sport and also 100 per cent for my family,” he explained, before adding: “Good organiszation, self-discipline and a strong support from your environment is needed.”

Sound advice from Andreas, but what about his breakfast of champions? “A good Birchermuesli, of course!”

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