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INTERPOL-IOC webinars implemented for entire African continent

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17 Mar 2021
The IOC and INTERPOL jointly organised two more webinars on the prevention of competition manipulation for African countries, in mid-December (West-Central Africa) and at the end of January (French-speaking African countries).

This was the first time that the continent of Africa received such comprehensive training on this topic: all key stakeholders including the NOCs, law enforcement and state authorities of every African country have now taken part in this important programme. During these seminars, more than 150 participants from 20 countries got together to learn about the threat of competition manipulation, how it undermines the credibility of sport, and how to tackle it efficiently through cross-sector collaboration.

After taking part in the training, Majd Chekroun, Director of International Relations and Communications at the NOC of Morocco, said: “The IOC-INTERPOL webinar helped us to better understand the importance of taking action against the phenomenon of competition manipulation. Following the webinar, we have already started the process of implementing relevant rules as well as an awareness-raising activity in collaboration with our Virtual Olympic Academy. We will be also working closely with the key stakeholders in Morocco towards the development of a national cooperation framework. We look forward to further cooperating closely with the OM Unit PMC to achieve all our relevant goals.”

Aminatah Fofana, Secretary General of the NOC of Ivory Coast, added: “The webinar was very interesting and provided concrete information on how to deal with the phenomenon. We are already planning additional educational activities for our athletes and we look forward to further working with the OM Unit PMC.”

In early March, the IOC-INTERPOL training continued in Asia, and reached 12 countries in the South-East Asia region. More than 160 participants joined the session to learn more about the threat of competition manipulation. These educational webinars are a concrete outcome of the reframed cooperation agreement between the IOC and INTERPOL in the lead-up to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, and in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. More upcoming IOC-INTERPOL webinars will be held for NOCs in Eastern Europe and the Balkan countries.

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