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15 Nov 2004
IOC News

International Year of Sport and Physical Education

Swiss tennis star Roger Federer and the UN Special Advisor on Sport for Development and Peace, Adolf Ogi, have launched, in New York, the International Year of Sport and Physical Education. On this occasion, the IOC issued the following statement:

Important milestone
“The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed the year 2005 International Year for Sport and Physical Education. The Olympic Movement considers this year as an important milestone in the promotion of sport as a part of human development based on the values of solidarity, human dignity, peace and development.

Contribution to harmonious development
We are living in a world full of human tragedies, with armed conflicts, acts of terrorism, poverty, violations of human rights and social disintegration. Sport and the Olympic Movement can, of course, not be a remedy to this by itself; however, it can contribute to the harmonious development of man, with a view to encouraging the establishment of a peaceful society.

Part of civil society
The sports movement is part of civil society and wants to fulfil an important role in this field. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is convinced of the positive role which sport can, and must, play as a catalyst in our society.

Numerous cooperation agreements
Over the last few years, the IOC has signed a number of cooperation agreements with the United Nations specialised agencies and programmes, as well as other organisations, to promote education, health care (particularly the prevention of HIV/AIDS), human rights, environmental issues and the role of women in sport and society.

Olympic Truce Resolution
The Olympic Truce Resolution, adopted by the UN General Assembly before each edition of the Olympic Games, is another cornerstone of Olympic Movement initiatives to promote human values and peace.

IOC Forum in June 2005
For the Year of Sport and Physical Education, the Olympic Movement, under the leadership of the IOC, has implemented several projects to underline its commitment to the cause. All these projects aim to contribute to building a better world. These initiatives will culminate at the World Forum on International Relations and Sport in May/June 2005.

Full support
The Olympic Movement reiterates its gratitude to the United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, and his Special Adviser on Sport for Development of Peace, Adolf Ogi, for having initiated and launched the International Year of Sport and Physical Education, and guarantees its full support. “
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