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14 Dec 2004
IOC News

International Workshop on Sport for Development

An International Workshop on Sport for Development taking place on 15 and 16 December in Geneva and Lausanne will focus on numerous issues linking both domains. The workshop is being organised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Office of the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General on Sport for Development and Peace, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Sport as a tool for development
During the first session at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, IOC Vice-President Gunilla Lindberg and the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General on Sport for Development and Peace, Adolf Ogi, and Bruce Jenks, Director, Bureau for Resources and Strategic Partnerships of the UNDP, will launch the discussion with their opening speeches. One of the main themes on the first day will be “The Value and Contribution of Sport as a Tool for Development”. It will look in particular at how sports development can be integrated into the UN member countries’ activities, especially in the framework of International Year of Sport and Physical Education in 2005. Several case studies will highlight such possibilities.

HIV/AIDS prevention
In another session, the participants will discuss HIV/AIDS prevention through sport and analyse how the partnership between UN agencies and sports organisations can be maximised. The theme will be illustrated with a success story from the field, presented by a representative from South Africa.

Gender equity and local economic development
The first day will end with a session on “Community and Economic Development through Sport”, and the “Empowerment of Women for Development and Sport” illustrated by field projects undertaken by OlympAfrica, the United Nations and the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of Albania, Mozambique and Gambia.

At the Olympic Museum in Lausanne
The second day of the workshop will take place at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, where IOC President Jacques Rogge will welcome the participants. The legacy of the Olympic Games and its impact on community and national development will be one of the topics addressed. The debate will then lead to the more general question of the added value of sports development for a country.

Sport as a tool for fostering dialogue and peace
At the final session, participants will hear two presentations by a member of the NOC of Timor Leste and a World Bank representative on “Sport as a Tool for Fostering Dialogue and Peace”. The workshop will end with a discussion on partnership mechanisms between NOCs and the UN system or how to improve processes, maximise the use of allocated resources and better leverage sport for development.

For further information: 

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