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17 Feb 2004
IOC News

International Paralympic Committee congratulates ATHENS 2004 on accessible venues

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is pleased that the venues for the Paralympic Games in Athens will be accessible to all athletes. This conclusion was drawn after a tour of several venues for the Athens 2004 Paralympics. Furthermore, the IPC announced that a record number of 146 National Paralympic Committees will participate in Athens.

300 accessible buses
On the occasion of the 5th Paralympic Games Liaison Committee meeting, the IPC saw also the progress accomplished in the area of transport. A well worked out plan was put forward with 300 accessible buses to be used during the Paralympics for athletes, team officials, media and the Paralympic Family.

Same level of security
Furthermore, the IPC congratulated Athens 2004 on its concept for the Torch Relay, which was presented to the Games Liaison members during the meeting. It was also announced that the same level of security is planned during the Paralympic and Olympic Games.

670 doping tests
A total of 670 doping tests will be carried out prior and during competitions, using the same equipment, laboratory and standards as the Olympic Games. The IPC signed the World Anti-Doping Code in March 2003 and has since then revised the IPC Anti-Doping Code to comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency's standards and Code.

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