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21 Nov 2002
IOC News , Press Release

International Olympic Committee Meets to Address Issues of the Day

The 114th Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) convenes next week for two days of meetings on 28 and 29 November in Mexico City.

Chaired by IOC President Jacques Rogge, the meeting of the 126 IOC members will address important issues of the day: in particular, a study of the sports on the programme of the Olympic Games (a full review has not been undertaken since 1948) and a study of how the cost and complexity of hosting the Olympic Games can be reduced to ensure that future Games are organised efficiently, provide the best possible conditions for the athletes and could take place in all corners of the globe. The Session will also review the reforms adopted by the IOC in December 1999 to improve the IOC's structure, policies and procedures. In addition, the IOC will study the findings of an audit of the IOC administration, which is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

"We have some important issues to discuss and vote upon," explained President Rogge. "After 21 years of remarkable expansion, the time has come for us to move from a period of continued growth to one of consolidation where we focus on our core business, the hosting of Olympic Games. The Olympics are the pinnacle of the world's sports events, bringing together top class athletes from around the world to compete, celebrate humanity and share Olympic values. By the hosting and staging of the Olympic Games, the IOC is also able to generate the finances to support sport throughout the world."

"At our Session meeting next week, there are a number of items on the agenda which will require important decisions for the future. These decisions will enable the IOC to consolidate our heritage, pursue excellence in our activities and focus our efforts on the Olympic Games."

The 114th IOC Session will be preceded by a three-day meeting of the IOC Executive Board. Media briefings will be held daily, with a press conference held by the President at the close of proceedings on Friday. Updates will also be included on this web site. The report of the Olympic Games Study Commission will be posted on the site on Monday 25 November.

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