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11 Aug 2008
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In Beijing, The Olympic Museum is everywhere!

In Beijing, The Olympic Museum is everywhere! 
No fewer than seven operations in Beijing and an eighth in Hong Kong where the equestrian events are being held. The Olympic Museum is everywhere in the Chinese capital!
At the Beijing Exhibition Centre, it is present at Olympex - The Olympic Expo Beijing 2008 on the theme Olympic Art & Symbols. Some 3,000m2 of medals, torches, and delegation and ceremony outfits, not forgetting the winning works of the 2008 IOC Art & Sport Contest.
Olympic treasures 
Part of the IOC Olympic Treasure Exhibition, after a year spent travelling through the big cities of the country, is back in Beijing until 30 October at the China Millennium Monument in the large One World, One Dream exhibition (nearly 8,000m2) organised by BOCOG.
Collecting stories
Operations are also taking place at the IOC Corner in the Olympic Village on one 300m2 stand, perfectly located in front of the main restaurant and which the Museum has decorated. The Museum is there to collect stories from the Games As at each edition of the Games, the Museum has also decorated the Olympic Club, where Marketing receives its sponsors.
Lausanne, Olympic Capital 
During August, it is also present in spaces in the Swissôtel in Beijing with the operation Lausanne, the Olympic Capital and Lake Geneva Region greet Beijing 2008.
Hong Kong Jockey Club 
Finally, 2,000km south, in Hong Kong, where the equestrian events are being staged, The Olympic Museum and the Hong Kong Jockey Club have set up the 2008 Olympic Equestrian Exhibition, a retrospective on the theme of equestrian sports, on show until the end of September.
Over 2,000 items 
Estimate of the number of items from the collections sent to China: over 2,000!
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