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25 Jun 2003
IOC News

Impressive results from the first phase of ticket sales

The results of the first phase of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Ticket Sales to the public were presented today at a press conference at Athens 2004 Headquarters by Organising Committee Executive Director and COO Marton Simitsek, Marketing and Ticketing General Manager George Bolos, and Ticketing Manager Mary Manolopoulou.

The first phase of ticket sales to the public was launched on 12 May and completed on 12 June 2003. During this period Athens 2004 received ticket applications via the Alpha Bank branch network and the Official Ticketing website.

The results of the first phase of sales are entirely satisfactory, and it was pointed out that they exceeded the initial estimates. Particularly impressive is the total value of orders in this phase which amounts to €46,999,820, as against a target of €20m (135% over anticipated sales), while the number of tickets applied for amounted to 591,112 as against a target of 300,000 (97% over).

So far, total value of orders is about €120m (€70m from contractual clients, €3m from Olympic Stadium suites, and €47m from orders from the public).

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