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28 Aug 2006
IOC News

Important deadline for World Forum on Sport, Education and Culture

The 5 th World Forum on Sport, Education and Culture takes place between 22 and 24 October 2006 in Beijing. It is open to the general public. With inscriptions closing on 31 August 2006 you have just 3 days to register. For further information and registration:   Don’t miss your chance to register for this Forum organised by the IOC and BOCOG in cooperation with UNESCO that will unite key players involved in the world of sport, education and culture.
Briefing on Olympic Games and venue tour
Participants will also be briefed on the progress of the preparations for the 2008 Games and have the opportunity to tour the Olympic venues and to attend Chinese cultural events. The Forum is open to the public according to the places available and there are no fees for participants.
Full programme
published on the Forum pages is the full programme including the speakers for the opening and closing ceremonies and the three plenary and eight parallel sessions. Discover the speaker list which includes famous athletes and representatives from the IOC, BOCOG, UNESCO, Olympic Movement, Universities, Games Organizing Committees, Government Ministries, United Nations system, media, private companies and more.
Specific themes
Find out more about the programme themes which will analyse the progress made in promoting culture and Olympic education in relation to sport and it will specifically link sport to harmony. It will discuss major themes related to policy support, strengthening partnerships and developments and will explore the latest research. It will also focus on priority issues in sport, education and culture and addresses strategies and policy guidelines for the following two years.
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