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20 Sep 2009
IOC News

Highlights of the week


This week in Vidy, IOC President Jacques Rogge met Nicholas Hayek Jr, the CEO of the Swatch group; Stephen Urquhart, OMEGA President; Michael Guay, the former Vice-President of Operations and Sport of the Organising Committee for the Montreal Games in 1976; Jean-François Lamour, a Deputy in the French National Assembly; and IOC members Vitaly Smirnov and Philip Craven.

IOC First Vice-President Lambis V. Nikolaou represented the IOC President at the awarding of the Olympic Order to Angelo Vicini, the President of the San Marino NOC, on 12 September in San Marino, and at the presentation of the Pierre de Coubertin medal to Olympic wrestling champion, Bulgaria’s Boyan Radev, on 15 September in Sofia.

Frank Fredericks will chair the Evaluation Commission for the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014. He is also Chairman of the IOC Athletes’ Commission (also see the “Youth Olympic Games” section).

The IOC, through the intermediary of its Medical Commission, will lend financial support to four research centres, in order to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge in the area of injury prevention and protection of the athletes’ health. From among the many excellent candidatures, the following research centres were selected by an independent jury of experts: the Capetown (South Africa) University UCT/MRC Research Unit of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine; the Calgary (Canada) University Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre; the Ballarat (Australia) University Centre for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (CIPSP), School of Human Movement & Sport Sciences; and the Oslo (Norway) Sports Trauma Research Centre. This association represents an important step for the IOC in its strategic effort to reduce the number of serious injuries in sport and other risks, in order to optimise the benefits of sport for health.


At the World Gymnastics Championships in Mie (Japan), a symposium was organised around the theme of hyper-extension and how this can affect the daily lives of gymnastics professionals. Among the speakers were Michel Leglise, Chairman of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Medical and Anti-Doping Commission, and Hardy Fink, FIG Education Director. More info on

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has launched a new on-line publication, “E-news”. Published on a monthly basis for the moment, this publication could become more frequent, depending on latest events. See the publication on

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) has announced that 391 doping tests were performed during the 13th World Championships, which took place in Rome (Italy). All the results were negative. Full press release on

The World Curling Federation (WCF) has appointed Joanna Kelly as head of media relations. A journalist and television producer, Joanna Kelly has acquired, over the past five years, international experience both in coverage and in media organisation and management, at curling, football, rugby and sailing events. She started her career at BBC Radio Scotland, continuing at Euronews and the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva. Press release on

In a press release on 10 September, the International Softball Federation (ISF) informed us that it would now have 128 affiliated federations, as Nepal has just been accepted within the IF. Info on


The United States Olympic Committee, Delaware University and Olympic Solidarity have launched the 2nd edition of the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Programme (ICECP). Twenty-seven coaches from the five continents, representing 13 sports, will participate in this programme. Besides the conferences, the participants will have the opportunity to follow training with an American national team or a school team, as well as to develop a project aimed at improving national training infrastructure, with the support of an international expert. Among the subjects addressed in this programme are sports nutrition, sports medicine, injury management and prevention, sports psychology and physiology, sports administration, and coaching methods. Full information can be found on

The Guatemalan NOC has lots of news. Firstly, the success of the Olympic Day Run held on 5 and 6 September, with the participation of some 3,000 runners of all ages on distances from 1km to 11.2km. A few days later, the NOC, through its technical management and education department, organised an introduction to hockey on skates, divided into two parts, one for coaches and one for referees. The participants came from various schools, universities and sporting institutions from throughout the country. Finally, the NOC hosted the 4th Pan-American Sports Organisation (PASO) Olympic Academies’ continental seminar from 7 to 11 September. Officially opened by NOC President Fernando Beltranena Valladares, who is also the Director of the Guatemalan Olympic Academy, this seminar brought together 32 participants around the theme of the Youth Olympic Games. Among the subjects: from the Ancient Olympic Games to the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2010; the role of the YOG in the ethical evolution of society; sport and culture for young people; and how the YOG can enrich and strengthen young people. 

Irish boxer Darren Sutherland, bronze medallist in boxing (middleweight category) at the Beijing Games in 2008, died on 14 September in London (Great Britain). After winning his Olympic medal, Sutherland turned professional.

After the success of the courses held in the various regions of the country, the Peruvian NOC is returning to the capital, Lima, for national training courses for sports leaders. Every Friday – from 4 September to 2 October – more than 100 club or league leaders, coaches, technicians, journalists, athletes, referees, promoters, etc., come together to follow these courses. The first one was inaugurated by NOC President José Quiñones González.


After receiving the Candidature Files of the three Candidate Cities, Guadalajara (Mexico), Nanjing (China) and Poznan (Poland), the IOC President created an Evaluation Commission to obtain a more in-depth analysis of the projects planned for the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2014. This Commission will be chaired by IOC member Frank Fredericks. The full composition of the Commission can be seen on (“Press Releases” section).


In Moscow (Russian Federation), the 3rd Assembly of European Athletes elected the new composition of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) Athletes’ Commission for the next four years. The participants thus elected the members, who then selected from among themselves the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Commission.  Antonio Rossi (Italy, canoe/kayak) is the new Chairman, succeeding Claudia Bokel (Germany), who is also an IOC member.   Katerina Neumannova (Czech Republic, cross country skiing) became the Vice-Chairperson. The members of the Commission are: Gordan Kozulj (Croatia, swimming), Marion Gabrielle Rodewald (Germany, hockey), Jean-Michel Saive (Belgium, table tennis), Yelena Isinbayeva (Riussian Federation, athletics), and Mads Kruse Andersen (Denmark, rowing). Also attending this assembly were Patrick Joseph Hickey, EOC President and IOC member, Raffaele Pagnozzi, EOC Secretary General, Frank Fredericks, IOC member and Chairman of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, and Charmaine Crooks, a member of the same Commission. With respect to the themes on the agenda, the participants showed a particular interest in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s ADAMS programme (for athletes’ whereabouts). Info on

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