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Heroes exhibition: dreams, aspirations, desire

Sports heroes
From 26 March to 13 September 2009, the Olympic Museum is presenting “Heroes”, an exhibition which looks at how athletes have become heroes over the course of history.

Who were the heroes of the ancient Games?
Which athletes were regarded as heroes when the Games were re-established by Pierre de Coubertin (1896)?
And what about today?
At a time of global access to information, are heroes recognised world-wide?
Do they transcend the boundaries of country or sport?

Today’s heroes invite us to embark on an unusual and fascinating voyage of discovery into the world of our dreams, aspirations and desire to be like gods …

Question your role model

The educational kit focuses on the process of making different sports heroes and invites pupils to question their role models. The kit contains activity sheets for students aged from 6 to 16, and is available in French, English and German. Hard copy price: CHF 10.

Educational kit

Using individual or group class activities, the teacher can start a discussion on the subject before a visit to the exhibition. The second part of the kit includes a detailed presentation of the “Heroes” exhibition and suggestions for in situ activities for teachers. At the end, a list of educational resources and a bibliography allow the topic to be developed further.

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