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Half a million children to benefit from Rio 2016 servers

IOC/Andre Redlich
31 May 2017
RIO 2016 , Legacy, Olympic News
More than half a million children are set to benefit from the donation of servers following the Olympic Games Rio 2016 from its Official Networking Supplier, Cisco.

The technology, which was used at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, will now assist in the digital transformation of schools and educational laboratories in São Paulo, aiming to stimulate innovation.

The equipment will be used for a connectivity project in the public schools of the state capital. To date, the initiative will positively impact more than 1,000 schools, 640,000 students and 46,000 teachers.

“Children, teenagers and teachers will be tuned into this new age. This is the moment for children who didn’t have access to technology to use computers,” said the mayor of São Paulo, João Doria.

Additionally, there is an opportunity for more projects to be awarded throughout Brazil that would contribute to the country’s improvement by developing capacities for the new digital age.

Children, teenagers and teachers will be tuned into this new age. João Doria Mayor of São Paulo

The project highlights a continuation of the Rio 2016 Games Social Sustainability program, which included projects such as Knowledge Ships (Naves do Conhecimento) and the Connected Urban Platform that was created at the revitalized Porto Maravilha.

The Knowledge Ships, some of which are located in Rio de Janeiro’s most disadvantaged neighborhood’s, were introduced with the goal of fostering digital inclusion, as well as education and training for Brazil’s young people as a part of the Official Networking Supplier’s role with the 2016 Olympic Games. 

Similarly, the Connected Urban Platform was designed to spur interaction citizens, visitors and the city, as well as advance urban operational planning for Porto Maravilla. As a result, Porto Maravilha enjoys state-of-the-art services, further expanding on the incredible transformation of the region, which was driven by the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

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