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22 Jul 2004
IOC News

Growing interest in Greece

A recent nationwide survey in Greece carried out by the MRB/Research International/VPRC consortium for ATHENS 2004 about the image of the Olympic Games revealed that the Greek attitude to the Games is increasingly favourable and that there is growing interest in buying tickets and attending Olympic competitions. The survey was conducted on a sample of 2,000 people between 25 June and 2 July 2004.

Greater resonance
The concept of “the Olympic Games in Greece” is finding greater resonance in Greek public opinion - what an unbiased observer might call “national unanimity”. The enthusiasm of the average Greek for the Games is at its highest point, registering 83.5 on a 0-100 Feelings Scale.

Increased number of people intending to buy a ticket
Four out of ten (40.7%) Athenians said that they will stay in Athens during the Games and intend to watch Olympic competitions or ceremonies in person. This is up 14.6% on the same figure a month ago (only 26.1%), and confirms that an increased number of citizens are interested in purchasing tickets for the Games.

Six in ten Greeks interested in watching a competition
Six in ten Greeks (60.2%) said they are interested in watching a competition or a ceremony in person. These are by far the highest figures yet. The increase in those interested in watching the Games in the stadiums is to a large extent attributable to the sharp rise in the number of people in favour of going to see the Games (“very interested”: 45.9%, compared to 31.4% in 2002, 21.6% in 2003, and 22.1% in May 2004).

Habit of last-minute buying
The habit of “buying at the last minute” seems to be true of ticket sales as well. Overall, 7.3% of Greeks have bought tickets, an increase on the figure for May 2004, which was a mere 2.9%. The number of people who have bought tickets has doubled over the last two months. There is also a growing interest among Greeks in buying tickets: 21.3% said they intend to buy tickets, compared to 15.9% a month ago.

Enhanced Greek image abroad
Three-quarters of the sample (74.1%) believed that preparations for the Olympic Games so far have enhanced Greece's image abroad. Only 13.6% believed that the preparations for the Olympic Games have harmed the country's prestige internationally. There is an increasing degree of public satisfaction regarding the progress of works (52.2% compared to 15.3% in May), with general optimism about the “national enterprise”.

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