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23 May 2009
Sport and Environment , Olympism in action

Green issues guide the Games

Keeping the winter green
The Olympic Winter Games conjures up images of white. However, the Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014 Organising Committees are both working hard to ensure that their Games are also remembered for being green. 
Sustainability initiatives

In Vancouver, a number of sustainability initiatives have been put in place, ranging from venues that are built to high environmental standards to waste management strategies. In Sochi, the organisers have joined initiatives such as UNEP’s Climate Neutral Network, and are putting in place environmental policies for greener Games in 2014.

Towards “A one Planet 2012”

 London 2012 put sustainability at the heart of its bid, framed by the concept of towards "A one Planet 2012”, which was derived from the WWF/BioRegional concept of “One Planet Living®”.  

London’s vision for “a One Planet 2012” will focus on five main areas throughout the different phases of the Games:
• combating climate change
• reducing waste
• enhancing biodiversity
• promoting inclusion
• encouraging healthy living


8th World Conference on Sport and the Environment

All these initiatives were presented at the 8th World Conference on Sport and the Environment, which took place in Vancouver in March 2009. The conference theme, “Innovation and Inspiration - Harnessing the Power of Sport for Change”, recognised the power of the sports movement to trigger innovative solutions to the challenges it faces, and to inspire people to pursue a more sustainable world.

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