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Going Olympic: Tokyo 2020 – Olympic Channel looks at the five new sports on the programme

25 Jul 2018
Olympic News, Tokyo 2020, Olympic Channel
In 2020, the world will welcome five sports to the Olympic programme at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. In the new Olympic Channel original series, “Going Olympic: Tokyo 2020”, viewers will be introduced to these sports while exploring Japan’s vibrant sports scene and cultural traditions. The multi-part series premiered on the Olympic Channel global digital platform, which is available worldwide at and on its mobile apps.

Featuring athletes, local sports figures and Tokyo 2020 Olympic hopefuls representing karate, skateboarding, softball and baseball, sport climbing and surfing, "Going Olympic: Tokyo 2020" is a journey across Japan through the personalities and newest sports to join the Olympic programme. 

From the Tokyo-trending bouldering centre and the streets of Osaka to the waves in Fukushima and the Yokohama BayStars home field, "Going Olympic: Tokyo 2020" also introduces viewers to some of Japan's deeply rooted traditions through the eyes of future stars, including teen skateboarder Kisa Nakamura and two-time world champion in karate Kiyou Shimizu, who have their sights set on Olympic gold.

Produced exclusively for the Olympic Channel by VICE Media Japan, "Going Olympic: Tokyo 2020" is the Olympic Channel's first original series filmed entirely in Japan and uses Japanese as the primary language. Subtitling is available 11 languages.

The Olympic Channel is an over-the-top (OTT) global media destination where fans can experience the power of sport and the excitement of the Olympic Games all year round, and is available worldwide via mobile apps for Android and iOS devices and at

Episode Guide: Going Olympic: Tokyo 2020 Sports Chronicles

Episode 1 – Going Olympic: Surfing
Fukushima returns as one of Japan's premier surf spots - On 11 March 2011, a tsunami hit Japan, killing thousands and poisoning the coastal waters. This hasn't stopped the passion of local surfers.

Episode 2 – Going Olympic: Skateboarding
Explore the roots of skateboarding in Japan with the Osaka Daggers - Skateboarding is an artform for the Osaka Daggers, a cutting-edge freestyle crew who are bringing their passion to the next generation.

Episode 3 – Going Olympic: Sport Climbing
How a Japanese climbing prodigy masters the Rock of Iwate - Fourteen-year-old sports climber Futaba Ito shares the physical and spiritual journey to the rock she's been obsessed with for years.

Episode 4 – Going Olympic: Karate
The university karate programme grooming Japan's future Olympic stars - Under the watchful eye of Masao Kagawa, a karate instructor at Teikyo University, pupils train to win Japan's first gold medal in the martial art.

Episode 5 – Going Olympic: Baseball and Softball
How an American softball star found a place in Japan's national league - Monica Abbott has been playing in the national league for eight years. Now, her relationship with Japan stretches beyond the intense softball rivalry.

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