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Going digital:"Simply huge"

The XIII Olympic Congress in Copenhagen – 3 to 5 October 2009 – will provide the Olympic Movement a golden opportunity to launch its digital revolution. Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WWP, will launch the debate with an appeal to the Congress participants to engage in the digital world.

No doubt that the IOC and other entities of the Movement have already heard the message. In preparation for the Congress the IOC has engaged with the digital communities. More than 1,400 contributions on the five themes of the Congress from the general public have been registered online and will form part of the basis of discussion in Copenhagen. A facebook group allowed people to join in an online debate.

On top of this, the IOC has recently launched its Twitter account and intensified its presence on YouTube, with an appeal from Jamaican track and field star Usain Bolt to give some more ideas on the future of the Olympic Games. “We certainly want to go digital and engage,” confirms IOC Communications Director Mark Adams. Leo Laporte, a worldwide respected expert in this field, is pushing the sports community to make some more progress: “The potential is simply huge and there is much more to do,” he declares in the video the IOC prepared for the Congress. The IOC is supporting all these efforts with a new website as well as a digital photo and video library facilitating access to its rich audiovisual archives.

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