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08 Feb 2007
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GE Providing Infrastructure Solutions in Beijing

With the Beijing Olympic Games on the horizon, Olympic worldwide partner GE is contributing to more than 200 projects addressing infrastructure needs for the 2008 Games, including security, energy, lighting, water treatment and plastics. 
GE is contributing to the Beijing Organising Committee's "Green Olympic Games" mission by providing innovative energy and water treatment technology.  The company will supply natural gas combined-cycle turbines to deliver power, heating and cooling to the Olympic Central Area, and improve the city’s waste water treatment capabilities with an advanced membrane system that will filter over 80,000 cubic meters of waste water daily to be recycled in support of Olympic landscaping. 
GE security technologies will also be used to protect visitors and spectators during the Games. The scope of the projects is diverse and includes providing the first baggage screening equipment in China capable of detecting explosives for Beijing Airport Terminal 3; advanced fire alarm and monitoring systems to upgrade subway security; complete security and monitoring systems for Fengtai Softball Field and the National Convention Center; and traffic monitoring and lighting systems to increase safety on Beijing’s roads.  
Three of Beijing's signature Olympic venues will feature GE systems, namely, power distribution and lighting at the National Stadium (“Bird’s Nest”); sports lighting at the National Aquatics Center (“Water Cube”) and advanced lighting and Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) at the BOCOG building. GE also is supplying power solutions and security systems to the National Convention Center, power distribution to the Laoshan Velodrome and Beijing Shooting Range Hall, and energy solutions for the Beijing Power Supply Bureau.
"GE is a company that is uniquely equipped to handle complex, large-scale projects and there is no event that requires a greater number of infrastructure solutions than the Olympic Games," said Steve Bertamini, Chairman & CEO of GE Greater China.  "We are proud of our association with the Olympic Movement and strive to make significant contributions to staging a successful Games for athletes, fans and viewers around the world."
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