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20 Feb 2006
Olympic News

GE Contributes to Athlete Health through Ultrasound Technology

GE, a Worldwide Olympic Partner, demonstrated the contributions that the company’s ultrasound technologies are making to advancements in Olympic sports medicine. Participating in yesterday’s demonstration were short track speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno (USA) and luger Mark Hatton (Great Britain), as well as medical directors from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), TOROC, BOCOG, the U.S. Olympic Committee, the British Olympic Association and the German Olympic Team.
Demonstrations on Olympic Athletes’ Health
GE Healthcare briefed media on the latest portable ultrasound technologies that have been used in Turin to deliver medical care to Olympic athletes. The briefing presented new medical research results on studies involving Olympic athletes and featured live demonstrations of ultrasound systems on athletes participating in the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games.
An Athlete’s Heart and Health
GE’s ultrasound systems have been used in various medical research projects with Olympic athletes in recent months. One project focused on improving the speed and efficiency of diagnosing athletes’ injuries, and another investigated the cardiovascular effects of rest and activity on short- and long-range athletes who follow different training regimens. 
Cooperation with the IOC
During the event, IOC Medical Director Patrick Schamash spoke about the IOC’s commitment to the health of athletes and how Olympic sponsors can play an important role in supporting that commitment.

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