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21 May 2004
IOC News

French version of

Big changes online for Turin 2006: starting from today, the official Olympic site will also be available in French. Also, the content and graphics of the Media Area have been completely reorganised.

Collaboration with the Centre Culturel Français
The site is being offered to the public in French thanks to collaboration with the Consulate and the Centre Culturel Français in Turin, which will handle the translations for the site. “This collaboration with French institutions”, underlined TOROC’s Director of Image and Communications Andrea Vernier, “has been common practice for the more recent editions of the Olympic Games; in Turin, due to our cultural and geographical proximity to France, we have introduced it considerably ahead of time compared with other editions of the Games.”

A vast audience
Collaboration with the Centre Culturel Français is destined to develop further as 2006 approaches, with new translation and interpreting services. “The French version”, continued Andrea Vernier, “will enable us to involve a vast audience of winter sports fans in France and in French-speaking countries, like Switzerland and Canada”.

Three versions updated simultaneously
The three versions (Italian, English and French) will be updated simultaneously; they will be identical in content and graphics, both in the “static” sections and in the dynamic pages published every day that contain news, press releases and reports on the Olympic and Paralympic movements.

Easy and rapid access
Designed and developed by TOROC’s Technology and Image and Communications departments, privileges easy and rapid access, rather than spectacular effects. The illustrations are of the protagonists of the Olympics and Paralympics, and of the region.
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