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30 Oct 2003
IOC News

Fran├žois Carrard: "Thank you all!"

IOC Director General François Carrard acknowledged during a brief farewell ceremony at the IOC headquarters that, in the last 20 years, the IOC has become a highly professional and efficient organisation. "This is certainly not my doing, but rather down to all of you, and I thank you for it", the Director General declared in his speech to the IOC staff.

Long and loyal service
IOC President Jacques Rogge thanked Mr Carrard for his long and loyal service, adding that he was particularly pleased that he could continue to count on him as the IOC's "Senior Legal Adviser". In this capacity, Mr Carrard will continue to serve the IOC, among other things as a member of the working group currently revising the Olympic Charter, and as a member of the joint commission with the World Anti-Doping Agency.

From legal adviser to Director General
François Carrard began his IOC career in 1979 as a legal adviser, becoming Director General in 1989. In addition to his skill and expertise in dealing with highly complex legal issues, Mr Carrard has also built up an excellent reputation as a mediator and communicator.

Arrival of the new Director General
Urs Lacotte, the new Director General, will officially take up his post on Monday 3 November. President Rogge and François Carrard both warmly welcomed Mr Lacotte, wishing him every success in his new role.

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