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France’s ski team goes the extra mile

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When it comes to preparing for the new ski season, France’s national team really goes the distance. All the way to the slopes of Patagonia in Argentina, in fact.

In Patagonia Dreaming, the Olympic Channel takes a look behind the scenes of the team’s training camp on the picturesque slopes of Ushuaia, offering a unique insight into exactly how elite level skiers prepare for the season.    

The training camp is a heady mix of physical exhaustion, painstaking preparation work and dog sledding.

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“My athletes arrive every morning with a smile on their faces,” says France ski coach Frederic Perrin.

Find out why the French skiers are so happy in the Olympic Channel’s Patagonia Dreaming.

Filmed amongst the breath-taking and picturesque backdrops of Chile and Argentina last August, the Olympic Channel original series “Patagonia Dreaming” takes you behind the scenes and into the training camps of 10 national ski and snowboard teams from around the world, including Switzerland, Slovenia, Russia, Canada and South Korea, as they make their season long preparations.

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