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12 Aug 2004
IOC News

First world record at the Athens Games

South Korea’s Park Sung-Hyun beat the world archery record by scoring 682 points on Thursday, during the preliminary round of the individual event at the Olympic Games in Athens, and South Korea set a new team world record at the same time.

Former Sydney record beaten
The previous individual world record (72 arrows) had been held by Italy’s Natalia Valeeva, with 679 points, since the beginning of the year. With 2,030 points, Park, Lee Sung-jin and Yun Mi-jin, the top three in the preliminary round, scored 36 points more than the team world record set by their compatriots at the Games in Sydney in 2000.

Archery and football are the only sports in which competitions begin before the official opening of the Games. The events in question are the preliminary rounds for men and women.

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