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14 Nov 2005
IOC News , Development through sport

First Toolkit on HIV&AIDS Prevention for the Sport Community

Over 40 million people around the world are living with HIV and many of them are involved in sports, either as spectators or as participants. The sports community has not been spared.
THE CONTRIBUTION OF SPORT -  It is a responsibility of the Olympic Movement to make a contribution, as part of civil society. HIV and AIDS are threatening to destroy our collective sporting future and everyone must play their part in this fight. This is why all of us – a father or mother, a son or daughter, a brother or sister, a teacher or a coach, an administrator or a community leader, an athlete or a spectator – are being called on to play a part in the response to HIV and AIDS and in the fight against discrimination.
A TOOLKIT TO HELP YOU -  The IOC and UNAIDS have published the first Toolkit for HIV&AIDS prevention through sport. Specifically designed for members of the sports community, it offers:
1.        more information about HIV & AIDS, how prevention can be effective,  how sport can be beneficial for HIV positive persons, all about testing and counseling, and much more;
2.        numerous activities and programmes to be developed with practical suggestions, from basic information sessions with colleagues or players, to communication campaigns during sports events, or how to elaborate a  comprehensive policies for sport organizations themselves;
3.        specific suggestions of activities for youth from ten to fifteen years old and over, as they are a crucial target group for prevention;
4.        information on who can assist you, what organizations can provide expertise and support.
First Toolkit on HIV&AIDS Prevention 2MB
First Toolkit on HIV&AIDS Prevention (in Russian) 2MB

First Toolkit on HIV&AIDS Prevention (in Portuguese) 2MB
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