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30 May 2005
IOC News

First Olympic Truce Session announces its recommendations

Representatives from National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and various national and international organisations who participated in the first Olympic Truce Session concluded their debates with a plenary session that adopted 12 recommendations. The recommendations were developed in the spirit of the UN International Year of Sport and Physical Education and that of the Games of the Olympiad held in Athens in 2004. The Session, hosted by the International Olympic Academy (IOA) and the Greek Ministry of Culture, took place from 24-26 May 2005 in Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

12 recommendations
1. To request NOCs to urge their governments to co-sponsor the Olympic Truce Resolution at the 60th UN General Assembly;
2. To request the President of the IOC and IOTF, Dr Jacques Rogge, to accept the invitation by the Greek government to institutionalise the Forum into an annual event on the calendar of the Olympic Movement;
3. To urge the IOC-IOTF-IOTC to develop a manual for conflict prevention and resolution and post-conflict reconciliation through sport;
4. To encourage organisers to introduce Olympic Truce activities at regional games;
5. To request closer relationships between the CISM and other international sports organisations, and the IOTF, in order to promote the cause of peace through traditional and innovative initiatives;
6. To request the IOC-IOTF to extend their work at national level by supporting special requests from NOCs;
7. To request the IOC-IOTF to organise, with NOCs and partner organisations, Olympic values (education, peace and sport) confidence-building youth camps in countries and regions of extreme need in order to build understanding and respect;
8. To appeal to the IOC President to use his good offices, in the spirit of the Olympic Truce, to facilitate the participation of all the member countries of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games in the next edition of the Games in Almeria and all future editions;
9. To urge the IOTF-IOTC to inform the whole Olympic Family about initiatives in sport and peace at all levels and to create symbolic actions to honour such activities;
10. To congratulate BOCOG, TOROC and VANOC for their imaginative plans in which the Olympic Truce is central to the organisation of the Games in their countries;
11. To thank the President of the IOC and the IOTF, Dr Jacques Rogge, for making the Forum possible;
12. To thank the Ephoria (IOA Governing Council) and the IOA management and staff for their collaboration.

Representatives from 19 National Olympic Committees and international organisations
National Olympic Committees that took part in the Session: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Colombia, Eritrea, India, Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, Sudan, Timor Leste, Turkey, Uzbekistan. Representatives of the International Military Sport Council (CISM), Supreme Council for Sport in Africa (SCSA), Olympafrica, Tegla Loroupe Truce Foundation (TLTF), BOCOG, TOROC, VANOC, Truce Foundation of the USA, UNICEF-Rwanda, World Bank and invited experts contributed with their expertise.

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